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    The LogicSource business model was built to establish a new standard in collaborative value creation between leading corporations, their sourcing partner and their supplier network. It’s a win, win, win. more


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    See Our New OneMarket® Site to Learn More

    LogicSource is pleased to announce the launch of a new OneMarket website, providing valuable insight and information on the purpose-built technology for complex categories of spend. As the foundation for all LogicSource client relationships, OneMarket is the only SaaS-based solution that unifies marketing, procurement and suppliers to empower them to get a maximum return on their most precious asset: time. more

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    Fast Facts on LogicSource

    Everything you need to know about LogicSource. more

    The OneMarket Way

    Concept To Customer

    Make complicated sourcing and buying categories simpler and stronger. Learn how OneMarket streamlines the Concept-to-Customer process enabling teams to source smarter. watch the video

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    Discover Hidden Value In Your Marketing Budget

    Everybody is talking about Big Data, but what is the benefit to your marketing budget? More information doesn’t automatically mean more insight.

    Learn how LogicSource leverages analytics to give it the clarity, control and actionable insights it needs to validate spend, produce savings and fund innovation. Click here to watch.

  • What we do

    Learn how LogicSource balances sharp expertise, collaborative suppliers and robust technology to help our clients source smarter.


    Collaborative Partnership Powers Results

    Frequently the most effective approach to partnering with our clients is a co-sourcing arrangement, a collaborative approach that delivers the maximum cost reductions... more


    On Demand Expertise Drives Better Decisions

    Some clients have expert procurement teams managing the day-to-day transactions with their supply chain. What they lack is the ability to practice true strategic sourcing... more


    Empower Smart Sourcing with OneMarket 

    Many industry-leading customers’ equation is missing a critical element: the empowerment of automating the Concept-to-Customer workflow. more

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    See OneMarket in Action

    OneMarket has first mover advantage in the “Concept-to-Customer” technology market. more

  • How we think

    Our people regularly create content related to sourcing and procurement.

    Aligning the Interests of Buyers and Suppliers

    The Counterintuitive Truths of Supply Chain Management

    Often, important ideas get lost in translation when moving from concept to real-world execution. For strategic sourcing, many companies forget the “strategic” element when managing sourcing.

    It starts with the common mistake of not taking time to understand a supplier’s capabilities and in turn, ensuring suppliers comprehend key business drivers.  The fact is, many companies operate their supply chains based on stale relationships. more

    Don’t Be Afraid to Think Big About Measurement

    Using Strategic Procurement Metrics To Create Enterprise Value

    We frequently encounter clients who are obsessed with... more

    Let's Build the Case

    Data, Detail, and a Reason to Believe

    We know most organizations have important stakeholders who need good... more

    A Prescription for Agility

    Enabling Swift Change at a Large Pharmaceutical Company

    Flexibility is key to our business as each client and every situation is unique. When a major pharmaceutical company turned to us for help in a very challenging business environment... more

  • Why LogicSource

    Learn why LogicSource is the right business partner for sourcing solutions centered on the sourcing and procurement of an expanding range of both direct and indirect commodities and services.


    The Gorilla and The Hummingbird

    "It’s like trying to be the 800 pound gorilla and a hummingbird at the same time!" remarked a senior executive... more


    Where Do We Go Next?

    Companies that source and procure from third parties often have a vision of a range of partnerships that bring them new thinking and innovation. more


    A Culture of Ownership

    When we first engage with a potential client, they have many different questions; most relate to their business, not just ours. more

  • About

    Get an overview of our firm. Meet our leaders. Learn more about our people, culture, and our commitment to our community.

    Our Team

    Who We Are

    Our team shares a common vision of building a lasting corporation that will provide value to our clients, careers for our employees, and benefit to our community for years to come. more

    Our History

    How We Came to be a Team

    LogicSource was born in partnership with Bain Capital in 2009. Our founders brought together an experienced team of global business veterans with diverse backgrounds... more

    Our Values

    What We Aspire To

    We are a diverse, collaborative group of individuals who constantly strive to do things better. Our mission is to shift the sourcing equation for our clients... more


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    LogicSource continuously seeks collaborative, innovative and entrepreneurial firms with whom we can partner to deliver more world-class products and services to our clients. more