Pre-Built Assets

We have built a comprehensive asset stack based on years of experience and category expertise in sourcing and procurement. Whether your challenges are related to resources, domain expertise, measurement, analytics, business intelligence, systems or supply chain, we can rapidly configure and deploy these assets to deliver immediate and ongoing value.


Even the best internal teams are limited by the bandwidth and domain expertise they possess. SPOC is staffed with experts in delivering sourcing, supplier management, benchmarking, finance, IT and HR support. These resources are available to support all onsite team operations, and because we keep our SPOC centers onshore, you won’t have the barriers that often accompany an offshore support team. SPOC gives you immediate access to people with the time and expertise you need, whether for a few hours, a few months, or ongoing.


If your company is like most, you struggle to harness your own group leverage let alone expand upon it. We buy a vast amount of products and services across a broad array of industries, giving us greater market intelligence and spend leverage than most companies can ever achieve on their own. Our clients quickly benefit from this market intelligence and leverage that continues to increase year over year.


Building on our understanding of your specific resource challenges gained in our Mutual Value Assessment (MVA) analysis, determining your resource needs isn’t a shot in the dark. You won’t be challenged with too few resources or burdened with the cost of too many. We provide on-site execution teams that provide the precise level of support. These highly skilled and experienced professionals will provide immediate tactical support for your sourcing and procurement operations.


Just as our volume buying power provides you with access to massive spend leverage, our constantly expanding global supplier ecosystem provides greater choice and access to partners who will meet your specific quality and time-to-market needs. Our in-house category experts ensure every vendor we work with on behalf of any client is fully vetted for quality, viability, security, and service. And because we are working with numerous clients with a variety of needs, this ecosystem is constantly expanding.


Our SaaS-based (Software as a Service) technology solution gives you the power of seamless integration between all your internal sourcing and procurement operations. OneMarket® combines Digital Asset Management (DAM), workflow automation, e-procurement and business intelligence in one intuitive solution. OneMarket is easy to implement and doesn’t burden your internal IT professionals with additional hardware or security maintenance issues. And because it’s easy to use, your team can be up and running quickly. Clients using OneMarket benefit from immediate improvements in productivity and efficiency and business leaders have access to powerful analytics from one integrated and customizable reporting tool.

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